Secure Mobility Vitals: Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Firewall

By Emily Hooper

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Improve automotive cybersecurity with TLS and firewall technologies

Remote monitoring of vehicle system health is an intrinsic necessity for autonomous and connected vehicles. Due to the increasing number of cybersecurity breaches, remote monitoring requires deploying a multilayered cybersecurity approach for adequate protection. TLS and firewall constitute vital elements of any such solution.

This presentation will cover remote access requirements of connected vehicles, internet-based threat analysis, and design considerations for TLS and firewall. Practical examples from in-production OEM flagship projects will also be included with:

  • A system-level framework for secure communication, integrating TLS into existing ECU systems
  • Firewall functionality built with the Message Acceptance Filter of AUTOSAR’s Socket Adaptor (SoAd) component
  • A demonstration of these security techniques under automotive use-cases for incorporation into relevant IEEE/ISO/AUTOSAR specifications and the corresponding standardized automotive designs

What you will learn:

  • Automotive cybersecurity threats: facts and figures
  • Secure mobility concept for protecting both vehicle network entry points and in-vehicle networks
  • Role of TLS and embedded firewalls in a multilayered vehicle security solution
  • Demonstration of TLS and firewall for an AUTOSAR ECU

Who would benefit from this webinar

  • Automotive related product management and solution architects
  • Automotive product security engineers and managers
  • Product security officers, engineering managers and technology directors

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