Talking Aerospace Today – Podcast Roundup

By Emily Hooper

Welcome to the blog overview of season three of Talking Aerospace Today – our aerospace podcast. In this blog we breakdown the new five-part series that dives into the challenges and complexities of electrical design in aerospace and why the digital enterprise is so vitally important in all facets of the program development lifecycle.

1.The Evolution of Electrical Design in Aerospace

Published: October 21st

Description: “The Evolution of Electrical Design in Aerospace” is the first episode of the podcast and touches on the trends shaping electrical platform development in the ever-changing aerospace industry. Discover the rise of the digital enterprise and how Capital is meeting these ever-changing demands as well as how these trends are impacting electrical system development and how this affects the industry on a broader scale.

2. Design Tools and Practices – Past, Present and into the Future

Published: November 3rd

Description: Episode two “Design Tools and Practices – Past, Present and into the Future” is a trip down memory lane and a look into the future. Explore the tools and methodologies engineers used throughout decades from the perspective of electrical engineers responsible for the development of electrical systems and platforms in aircraft.

3. Change Management and the Digital Thread

Published: November 17th

Description: Episode three “Change Management and the Digital Thread” discusses the many sides to change management. Learn how to handle change as it relates to requirements and configuration control and see how the Siemens digital thread can have a huge impact on change management in the area of electrical system design and development.

4. Addressing Electrical Design Compliance and Certification

Published: December 1st  

Description: As we experience higher levels of complexity throughout the industry, the traditional approach to electrical design compliance and certification needs to evolve as well. In episode four “Addressing Electrical Design Compliance and Certification” discover ways to achieve compliance and product certification in today’s competitive marketplace.

5. Increasing Wire Harness Manufacturing and Profitability

Published: December 15th

Description: The fifth and final episode of this podcast series “Increasing Wire Harness Manufacturing and Profitability” discusses what it takes in today’s environment to design, build, and install a modern-day wire harness assembly. Uncover the trends impacting manufacturing and see how a digitalized process offers multiple advantages across the entire platform development lifecycle.

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