New Infographic: From Concept to creation – 10 Smart steps to create a formulated product

By Lorraine Abazeri

As consumers become increasingly health and environmentally conscious, they’re demanding products that are safe and promote their well-being. They also want a wider variety of products in different packaging sizes and types while still expecting premium quality at affordable prices.

As the industry adapts to meet these demands, regulatory changes are affecting the formulation and supply chain of consumer products and goods. In emerging markets, consumer expectations are growing rapidly, prompting manufacturers to find ways to reduce time-to-market for new products and improve production efficiency to enable mass customization.

To achieve this, manufacturers need to have a solid R&D platform that can help them streamline and optimize all R&D-related processes and align them with manufacturing. This platform should also ensure that formulation and product design are aligned with quality and regulatory requirements. By integrating and aligning R&D and manufacturing data and processes, manufacturers can speed up the transfer of final product designs to mainstream manufacturing.

By investing in a robust R&D platform that integrates all aspects of the product development process, manufacturers can remain competitive, reduce time-to-market, and meet consumer expectations for quality and safety. Learn how Siemens’ holistic R&D integrated solution can be leveraged to streamline and align data management, ultimately improving efficiency and speeding up innovation from ideation to realization.

View the infographic to see actionable steps and best practices to maximize R&D potential and accelerate new product development.

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