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At their recent Open Innovation Platform (OIP) Ecosystem Forum held in Santa Clara, CA, TSMC named Mentor as their OIP Partner of the Year in four categories during the awards luncheon:

  • Joint Development of 6nm Design Infrastructure
  • Joint Delivery of SoIC Design Solution
  • Joint Delivery of Cloud-based Productivity Solution
  • Joint Development of Silicon Photonics Reference Flow

In addition, the joint Mentor-Maxlinear paper, “Optimize SOC designs while enabling faster tapeouts by closing chip integration DRC issues early in the design cycle,” was selected by the OIP attendees as the Customers’ Choice for best paper.

This is the largest number of awards Mentor has been given by the TSMC OIP organizing committee. What does that mean? It means the entire Mentor team collaborated closely with TSMC to identify and deliver new and enhanced solutions that help TSMC customers improve both their design implementation and first-time silicon success. Are we proud of our commitment to quality and technological innovation in our offerings? Of course we are. But we know that what really matters are the results our customers get when using those tools…so testimonials like Maxlinear’s are what make us the proudest!

Keeping up with all the technology changes, new markets, and their new demands and requirements, can sometimes feel like a never-ending struggle. But recognition such as this helps us know Mentor is on the right path. Thanks to all our customers who continue to drive forward with TSMC and Mentor. #TodayMeetsTomorrow

From left to right: Paggy Chiang (Technical Marketing Engineer), Yoyo Li (Foundry Technical Lead), Shu-Wen Chang (Director of Calibre Foundry Program), Jimmy Tien (Technical Marketing Engineer)

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