Video: Mendix and AWS bring you the low-code development platform of the future

By Scott Salzwedel

As a cloud-native offering, Mendix is at the top of its game.

But what if you combined the dynamic features of the Mendix platform with the powerful cloud capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

No need to ponder that question any further. Mendix has been on AWS Cloud since 2016. And today, with over eight years of working together the collaboration really shows.

It’s all about personalization

In this five-minute video, Sabastian Bersch, Director of Manufacturing Industries, Mendix, discusses the powerful attributes of Mendix and the many services offered by AWS. Because Mendix is an app development platform that allows you to build enterprise-grade applications without a software engineering background, personalization is one of its core attributes.

Sabastian talks about how you can build an app around industry-specific contexts and then manage scenarios in areas ranging from engineering and smart manufacturing to supply chain logistics and sustainability. The end result is open and easy collaboration across multi-disciplinary teams and domains.

Watch the video now:

What AWS brings to the table

A couple of years ago, Siemens expanded its long-standing collaboration with AWS to help streamline the way organizations build apps on the secure cloud.

Today, that collaborations has paid off with over 200+ AWS services for Mendix. The links to AWS run deep as there is now a sizable library with over 20 AWS connectors. Top connectors include AWS IoT TwinMaker (very popular) and AWS Bedrock for GenAI capabilities (a game changer). This fusion of services makes Siemens and AWS a natural fit when addressing a great variety of app development categories today – and into the future.

Mendix and AWS envision application building in the future primarily as proponent based in order to accelerate profitability. Mendix also has its own marketplace where you can find tasks to personally create your own apps.

Part of the Siemens Xcelerator open digital business platform – powering industry-wide digital transformation

As part of the Siemens Xcelerator open digital business platform, Mendix enables organizations to achieve enterprise-wide digital transformation by promoting cross-functional collaboration between disciplines and domains. Mendix bridges the gap between regular business operations and IT. The faster a manufacturer can deliver speed and agility to the shop floor, the more capable it becomes. Similarly, by maintaining its quality management processes and increasing the resiliency of supply chains, the faster a manufacturer can achieve digital transformation.

By bringing Mendix together with the world’s leading cloud services provider, manufacturers now have the ability to decisively drive digital initiatives and accelerate their digital transformation.

Please take a minute to watch the video, or click here for the latest Mendix/AWS white paper.

Remember, you can always visit the Siemens and AWS partnership website.


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