How AWS Marketplace transforms the buying experience on the cloud

By Scott Salzwedel and Jason Enzweiler

When you hear the term “online marketplace” what do you think? The App Store? eBay? Amazon? Etsy? Sure, all of these, in some way, fit the description. But there’s another marketplace worth mentioning. This one targets the business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce world and it’s transforming how products and services are purchased and maintained.

I’m talking about the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Driven by a need to increase usage of cloud offerings – which includes the growing popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) – AWS provides a revolutionary purchasing framework that simplifies subscription management and provides some rather unexpected benefits in the process. AWS Marketplace has become hugely successful in past years. In fact, the independent analyst company, Canalys, estimates that cloud marketplaces will grow to over US $45 billion by 2025, representing an 84 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGA).

Why is AWS Marketplace so attractive? In addition to being a cloud computing platform it also provides an easy “in” for customers who want to transition to SaaS.

You can think of AWS Marketplace as a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, purchase, deploy and manage third-party software as they transition to a more digitalized operation.

AWS Marketplace offers:

– Speed, selection and agility

With options such as “one-click” deployment digitized software purchases in AWS Marketplace allow customers to quickly procure and use products among thousands of third-party software providers. Customers control the purchasing and management of subscriptions within a consistent platform – foregoing the painful negotiations normally associated with purchasing software.


  • Simplified purchases
  • Extensive selection
  • Trusted, reliable solutions
  • Multiple deployment options

– Flexible pricing and terms

Third-party software providers participating in AWS Marketplace offer pricing options that give customers the flexibility to test software, “pay as you go” and negotiate custom terms to reap significant cost savings with long-term commitments. Conventional, on-premises purchasing departments are no longer keeping pace with the software demands of modern companies. Flexible pricing and terms provide a welcome force multiplier for all customers.


  • Flexible pricing models
  • Free trials
  • Convenient billing
  • Negotiable/custom terms

– Control and governance

AWS Marketplace empowers customers to centralize governance, innovate without boundaries and launch software solutions quickly, helping ensure all software aligns with an organization’s policies and compliance requirements. AWS Vendor Insights program compiles security and compliance standards so buyers can instantly consider prospective third-party vendors. Customers no longer have to do the tedious and time-consuming upfront busy work because AWS is doing it for them.


  • Budget and cost controls
  • Curate custom catalog
  • Standardized license terms
  • Procurement system integration

Finally, it should be pointed out another great value of AWS Marketplace is the ability to purchase software and have that cost count towards a customer’s annual spend. Increasingly, companies are consolidating most, if not all, of their software spend through cloud marketplaces – to make larger commitments translates into securing the best possible third-party software discounts.

Siemens software on AWS Marketplace

Siemens and AWS have been working together for nearly eight years. In November 2021, we announced an expansion of our collaboration which combines our deep and proven industry experience with cloud services from AWS. You can visit the official Siemens and AWS partnership website here.

And the really good news? Siemens Digital Industries Software has a large number of software offerings available on AWS Marketplace. When you purchase Siemens software using AWS Marketplace, you’re entitled to all the benefits mentioned in this blog. Imagine, now you can have Simcenter, Teamcenter, NX, Mendix, Polarion and other popular Siemens software operating quickly, smoothly and efficiently on AWS.

The cloud marketplace… the ultimate customer experience

Purchasing software today is different from the days when you purchased your first version of Microsoft or Adobe. With the popularity of SaaS and cloud computing, marketplaces have become the default e-commerce platforms. It’s so much more than just access to the cloud. It’s about offering a host of complementary solutions that give customers options and opportunities. It’s about control and easy access. It’s about speed, security and saving valuable dollars when your operation has moved to the cloud.

We live in challenging times. AWS Marketplace will most assuredly evolve as the demands of industry change and the needs of your company or organization change as well.

Move over Etsy… There’s a new kid in town.

And remember, Siemens Xcelerator as a Service is right there with you as you embark on your digital journey.

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