Key Academic Content at Realize LIVE + U2U

By Maanya Kashyap and Elizabeth Wise

Siemens’ Realize LIVE + User2User innovation conference starts May 26th and is available on-demand through June 26th. There’s so much amazing content to see from all around the company – including programming from the Global Academic Partner Program. We are highlighting some notable academic content that you won’t want to miss! The majority of the events included below will be available on demand once the conference begins. Register today for access to these events and many more.

To find the Academic sessions, view the agenda, filter it by “industry”, and select “Academic.” 

MBSE and Industry 4.0

Meet the Experts: Leadership, Professionalism and Model-Based Systems Engineering – Transforming Engineering Education

May 26, 2:45 PM – 3:30 PM EDT  – Live Session Only

This LIVE session features University of Michigan’s Aerospace Engineering’s new Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) lab course’s developer and a student. The professor of practice, who holds 30+ years of executive knowledge from industry, and a top student from the course talk with Siemens about their transformative lab course. The MBSE course goes beyond technical fundamentals in engineering education. There is a high demand for engineers with an understanding of MBSE and project leadership experience. Hear how they have enhanced engineering education to satisfy these industry demands. 

Constituent Engagement – Educating the Workforce for 2050 and Beyond  

On Demand 

In this session, learn more about the intersection between Industry and Academia 4.0 from Morgan State University Dean Dr. Oscar Barton. From developing a Nuclear Engineering Program at the U.S. Naval Academy, to a Mechanical Engineering Department at George Mason University, and, now, a Mechatronics degree at Morgan State, Dean Barton certainly knows that in order to propel our workforce forward, transformative education must be prioritized. 

Image: Curriculum Wheel

Curriculum & Certifications

4 Reasons Why NX is Your Perfect Partner in Education

On Demand 

Hear from Siemens about the benefits of NX CAD/CAM for students, faculty, and industry professionals. Students from all around the world talk about the impact that having NX experience had on launching their careers. In this 15-minute session, learn how to access free NX software and resources to enhance your skills and get certified. 

Academic Partner Program Certifications and Digital Badges – NX, Solid Edge, Simcenter, and Amesim

On Demand 

Siemens provides a wide range of software certifications at no cost via the Global Academic Partner Program. From NX to Simcenter, learn more about the wide variety of certifications and digital badges offered and get an insider’s look at the new certifications launching this year! 

Demystifying Problem and Project-Based Learning in Academia  

On Demand

Motivating students by emphasizing the desire to create gives them the opportunity to feel more in charge of their own education. Teachers, join Tom White, CEO of Tom White & Associates, to hear his view on how problem and project-based learning adds structure to curricula while also motivating students to be creative. White discusses how to pave the way for your students to find solutions to a problem and present these solutions with confidence. 

Image: Siemens sponsored student team takes part in FSAE competition

Student Teams & Competitions

Agoria Solar Team Shares their Winning Competition Story  

On Demand  

In order to design their award-winning car, the Agoria Solar Team from KU Leuven, Belgium, used Siemens software packages. Learn more about their road to success and how they were able to use Siemens software to stand apart from the competition.  

Driving Technology Forward: University of Michigan Solar Car 

On Demand

Student competitions allow learners around the world to apply their education in engineering  and related soft skills to a competitive environment. America’s #1 solar car competition team  discusses how Siemens’ innovative software complements UM SCT’s Smart Mobility Solutions,  leading the team to immense success.

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