Formula Student China ’19 – Focused on Automotive Electrification and Autonomous Engineering

By Leigh-Anderson
Enthused about Siemens’ Mentor engineering software, this team put two Mentor logos on their car!

Formula Student China (FSC) was held in Zhuhai, China in November 2019 with about 2,000 students attending, supported by hundreds of volunteer judges, inspectors and other helpers from industry. Sixty Formula Electric teams and twenty Formula Autonomous teams competed for the best design judging scores as well as on-track performance. Siemens Digital Industries Software again had a booth plus many workshops on technical topics ranging from autonomous driving simulator best practices to wiring harness design, 3D CAD, embedded software, and printed circuit board design.

Panoramic view of all Formula Student China Electric and Autonomous teams at the 2019 event in Zhuhai, China © FSC 2019
Liaoning University of Technology, a strong user of Siemens engineering software, won 1st place at FSC ’19 in Formula Autonomous! © FSC 2019
Here again is the Liaoning U. of Technology team and their Formula Electric car, posed for a team photo. © FSC 2019
Liaoning University of Technology’s Formula Electric race car © FSC 2019

Siemens is pleased to support Liaoning University of Technology’s excellent team that fielded two cars in Electric and Autonomous classes, with software grants and support. LUT earned an impressive first place overall win in the most challenging of all Formula Student disciplines – Formula Autonomous.

A Formula Electric race car at speed on the FSC track, with cornering power enhanced by a carbon fiber composite downforce package composed of multiple wings and an undertray, much like a Formula 1 car. © FSC 2019
This extreme wide-angle photo shows the teams pits where they make their cars ready to race, and make repairs and adjustments as needed. © FSC 2019
Everyone in the Beijing University pit is intent on getting their car ready to compete.

Siemens actively supports FSC teams with software grants and training

Siemens booth at FSC ’19. We also had some very active chat groups on WeChat and QQ.
One of many technical workshops given for the benefit of FSC students, ranging from electrical to mechanical to autonomous to embedded software topics.

Siemens workshops included best practices for printed circuit board design (PADS Professional), Autonomous driving simulation (PreScan), embedded software and in-vehicle networking (Volcano), 3D CAD and Simulation (NX, STAR-CCM+), and electrical-system/wire-harness design (VeSys/Capital) software.

Siemens’ manager in China, Jin Xiang, from the global academic team, (blue shirt) explains the extensive list of automotive engineering software tools available as no-cost grants to FSC teams. Siemens also offers no-cost online training courses for the engineering software tools.

Automotive Industry Presence

The automotive industry supports FSC and the students by providing many judges and volunteers, plus they have booths to recruit these high-initiative students who become more valuable employess than their peers – because they gain real-world hands-on engineering experience in their FSC project.

Like all Formula Student Events worldwide, many of the points it takes to win are earned by presenting their car’s engineering design to expert judges from industry, including judges from industry, such as Siemens’ expert on autonomous driving simulation
The NIO car company is a prime sponsor of FSC.
Another example of a car company presence and support at FSC – the AIWAYS car company.
Major OEM suppliers to the car companies also have a presence at FSC, such as Magna.

If Formula Student teams want to find out what valuable engineering software they can get grants for to help their team, they can click here for a list of software packages most relevant to their design challenges. And even more help with tutorials and time-saving templates can be found at Siemens Formula Student Forum.

Female students are well-represented at FSC, in a wide variety of roles: engineers, racecar drivers, and communications/business judging presenters

Appendix – Additional Photos from FSC ’19

Tongji University is always a top-performing Formula Student team and an expert user of Siemens’ engineering software.
Another automotive industry sponsor provided lots of working space for students when they needed to use their computers instead of wrenches.
Many teams had Mentor (A Siemens business) logos on their cars. In 2020, the transition to using Siemens’ logo should be complete
Yet another racecar with Siemens’ Mentor logo. Note the thick orange, high-voltage cables that carry power to the electric drivetrain.
One of the many technical workshops given to FSC students. Note the judge in orange vest from the automotive industry sitting in as well.
Yet another technical workshop being given. Siemens’ real-world university competitions program supports over 25 events in automotive and aerospace sectors around the world.
Another viewpoint of the all-teams panorama photo © FSC 2019
This photo shows Siemens’ Leigh Anderson presenting the ‘Siemens Excellence in Electrical System Design’ to 3 FSC teams (from the 2018 event.) © FSC 2018
Siemens’ Leigh Anderson giving some tips on carbon fiber monocoque chassis and downforce aerodynamics to Liaoning U. of Technology’s team in 2018. (Leigh can’t take any credit however for LUT’s 1st place win at FSC ’19 😉
Designing and building a modern Formula Electric racecar requires many engineering disciplines not just mechanical but also electrical and computer science disciplines, as shown here by the Hunan University team
Zhuhai is known for its huge Aerospace trade show and their very tasty seafood, (not only Formula Student China!)


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