New in Zel X: September release

By Brian Massey

The largest release of Zel X to date recently launched introducing new functionalities and enhanced tools specifically designed to help smaller businesses and engineering departments create, optimize and collaborate from any device at any time.

Zel X 2309 release adds enhanced design tools, product data management, simulation and much more to the easy-to-use, browser-based suite of product development tools.

Expanded design capability. Create a wider variety of product types and choose from different modeling approaches. Collaborate with, and scale to Siemens NX if required.

  • History-based modeling. Choose from an additional modeling approach where creation stages are stored in a history tree.
  • Assembly modeling. Access an additional modeling approach when building product structures that consist of multiple parts or components.
  • Sheet metal. Create accurate 3D models of sheet metal parts and assemblies, and export DXF profiles for manufacture.​
  • Parts List. Generate a clear list of product assembly makeup.
  • Expanded file support. Edit Solid Edge and Solidworks models.
  • Enhanced design tools. Easily identify top-level assemblies, create planes, and enjoy various user experience enhancements.

Simulation. Test and validate designs before they are physically built.

  • Fundamental, structural simulation. Check for strength and over-engineering in a variety of models.
  • Fast feedback. Get rapid results thanks to cloud-powered, voxel-based technology.
  • Connectivity & Scalability. Scale to Performance Predictor, in NX or Simcenter 3D.

Product data management. Manage and collaborate on product data more efficiently.

  • Part numbering & Revisioning. Automatically create unique part numbers, and revise designs based on a preferred scheme.
  • Where-used indication. Find where specific parts are used and quickly navigate to their locations.
  • Lifecycle status. Easily view and update the lifecycle status of the files in your projects. 

Online parts library. Source thousands of off-the-shelf parts from global suppliers.

  • Supplier parts. Source supplier-specific parts for your designs, such as motors, adapters, and valves.
  • Shopping-style browsing. Search by keyword and filter by attribute.
  • CAD model access. Retrieve CAD models for use in your designs; no need to model them yourself.
  • Procurement. Access supplier information for part pricing and ordering.

Shop floor CAM improvements. Spend less time programming and more time machining.

  • Improved user experience in machining. Leverage groups within setup and operation dialogs, with automatic expand and collapse in CAM navigator.
  • Renamed milling operations. Easily understand the available cut patterns and the corresponding geometry types to which they can be applied.
  • Linear output for arcs. Switch output for arcs to linear motions to accommodate machine tools that cannot handle circular or helical motions.  
  • Program groups. Create program groups to organize operations under a setup.
  • More workflow guidance. Get postprocessing right first time thanks to control and cutting tool selection validation on setup and operation.

Shop Operations improvements. More efficiently plan, execute, and track operations.

  • Enhanced NC Code editor. Enjoy the convenience of effortless NC code editing with an intuitive interface featuring color-coded syntax.
  • Improved user experience. Ease table editing, highlight unopened jobs/assigned jobs, open CAD/CAM parts directly from the Shop Operations environment, attach multiple folders in tasks
  • Enhanced manufacturing templates. Store predefined tables (Operations Sheet, Tool Sheets, Inspection Plans) as part of the manufacturing template.
  • Stage type. Define stage type (Manufacturing or Engineering) for a better classification of your process.
  • Physical printout. Ease into digitalization on the shop floor with printable stages and tasks.

An all-in-one solution designed for small businesses and departments

Zel X, from Siemens Digital Industries Software, is an integrated collection of tools in a single browser-based app, designed to help smaller businesses and departments improve and consolidate their collaboration, manufacturing, design and operations processes. The right-sized, purpose-built functionalities of Zel X eliminate the need for multiple software solutions by integrating all essential tools into one platform.

The continuous release cycle of Zel X ensures delivery of those tools and functionalities as soon as possible, allowing small businesses to move faster.

Affordability and scalability

Zel X is offered via cost-effective, tiered subscription plans tailored for small businesses — Zel X Standard and Zel X Advanced. This allows businesses to select the functionalities and capabilities best suited for them and their customers.

Siemens Xcelerator is a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of software, services and application development platform designed to help companies become digital enterprises. Zel X and other cloud-based solutions are available via Siemens Xcelerator as a Service to make digital transformation happen faster.

Built on established Siemens Xcelerator platform technologies, Zel X allows users to easily interact with the other companies using Siemens software, and allow seamless scalability beyond Zel X. This allows users to maintain their design data and leverage it across the entirety of the portfolio, including with NX Design, NX Manufacturing and Simcenter 3D.

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