Flexibility – SaaS is your partner in change

By Tripti Rawal

It can be overwhelming to navigate the rough seas of today’s information economy. SaaS can help keep you afloat – whether you need a life raft or a steamboat.

A traditional “product” is developed, sold, bought and owned – a permanent but immutable transaction. A “service” on the other hand, is an ongoing relationship. A software, designed to be provided as a service, on the other hand, is developed, adapted, purchased, adopted, re-adapted from feedback – a dynamic and ongoing cycle of improvement. By its nature, SaaS leads to relationships, not mere transactions.

SaaS, in its accessibility, extends its reach to a variety of businesses big and small. Its flexibility ensures that those businesses, despite their disparate and ever-changing needs get the experience and functionality to succeed. SaaS solutions can be tailored to their unique requirements and are agile in their adaptability as, and when, the businesses, inevitably grow and change over time.

The flexibility of SaaS opens up room for innovation and new ideas. Changes can be made, deployed and tested with ease and minimal risk. The inherent self-improving nature of cloud technology/SaaS ensures that the solutions remain relevant as they mutate in lockstep with the wider technological landscape.

Did you change your business model? Introduce a new product? Switch industries? Move operations to a new geographical location? Change company policy? Adopt a new technology? Did any of that happen with one of your customers? No matter the question, if it exists, there’s a cloud-based solution for it. SaaS provides flexibility so you can meet changing customer requirements and scale as needed, whether you’re a small business or a legacy enterprise.

By definition, and by design, cloud-based software offers connectivity beyond the physical and the analog. SaaS, done right, can drive on-demand collaboration and empower teams, regardless of project scope, on a platform that securely connects data across all domains and solutions. The freedom to innovate is yours when you can tap into advanced software.

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