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DAC Skytalk: Joe Sawicki on “Delivering ‘Smarter’ Faster – The Future of EDA & AI”

By Tom Fitzpatrick

It’s hard to believe that the Design Automation Conference (DAC) is coming up in less than two weeks. As always, the program will be full of great content, but I wanted to call your attention to one presentation in particular. Siemens EDA Executive VP Joe Sawicki will be presenting the first SkyTalk in the DAC Pavilion (Booth #2260) on Monday at 1pm. Joe’s talk will be on “Delivering ‘Smarter’ Faster: The Future of EDA & AI.”

Long-time readers of this blog may remember my “Cats != Coverage” post from a few years ago, where I argued that Machine Learning (in particular, Deep Learning) would not be able to solve the write-a-simple-test-and-have-ML-magically-achieve-coverage-closure problem. Fortunately, Joe takes a much broader view of the issues and will share with us his thoughts on the many areas of EDA where AI/ML techniques can significantly decrease the computational load. The main focus of Joe’s talk will be on exploring where EDA should focus its resources and efforts to realize the full promise of incorporating AI.

Since all SkyTalks are in the DAC Pavilion, they’re open to all conference attendees. Please be sure to stop by to hear Joe’s talk. It should be fun and informative.

We’ll have a full wrap-up after DAC to share more details about not just Joe’s SkyTalk, but all the Siemens content presented at the conference. Stay tuned!

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