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See you at GOMACTech

By Ray Salemi

Going to GOMACTech

Siemens is going to GOMACTech, and I’ll be going as well as the Aerospace and Defense Solutions Manager for Siemens EDA Digital Verification Technology division. Siemens will be at booth #714 on March 22 and 23 at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, Florida.

Three significant trends in the Defense Industrial Base

A convergence of three important trends is challenging the Defense Industrial Base (DIB):

  1. The Productivity Challenge—The DIB sees many experienced engineers retiring just as it’s competing with the FAANG companies for talent. Couple this with the need for speed created by the new great power competition with China and the complexity of today’s edge-of-the-kill chain solutions, and you have a perfect storm of pressure on RTL developers. Learn more at booth #714.
  2. Microelectronics Quantifiable Assurance (MQA)— The Defense Appropriations Act of 2020 required the Department of Defense to address security challenges in the microelectronics supply chain. As a result, the DIB will need to create Program Protection Plans in 2023 for all programs. Siemens EDA has tools that address RTL assurance issues from full verification coverage, to equivalence checking between design steps, to code analysis, including linting and Trojan detection in RTL. Learn more at booth #714
  3. Model-based Digital Design—The Department of Defense’s Digital Engineering Strategy of 2018 directs the DIB to use model-based design techniques in future programs. Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is at the core of delivering this strategy. Siemens has Digital Twin and Digital Thread solutions that meet the DIB’s challenge in delivering models as designs in a cloud-based PLM solution. Learn more at booth #714

See you at GOMACTech

I’ll be learning more about MQA and the Joint Federated Assurance Center (JFAC) during the Monday sessions at GOMACTech. I hope to see you there or at booth #714 during the conference. If you haven’t registered for GOMACTech yet, you can do it here.

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