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The “Standards Corner” Becomes a Blog

By Dennis Brophy

While I have spent a decade sharing the developments of EDA standards with you monthly in the ModelSim Informant and encouraging partners to share their integrations success with you in our quarterly Verification Horizons publication, today we move sharing this information with  you in a blog format.

When users were asked how they would like to get ongoing information from us, they said they like the blog format with Twitter updates.  For about a year now I have engaged in Twitter dialog (Twitterlog?) It has brought many into conversations between our customers, partners and competitors that might only be observed at traditional conference and tradeshow events.

As developments on the standards front seem of importance to me, I will share that with you.  These electronic missives may come with some frequency and at other times when there is little to say, I will be silent.  (Time will see if there are periods of silence.)

The blogging is not moderated or subject to a Mentor blog board review and approval process to allow timely and efficient stream of consciousness discussion.   Your comments are likewise allowed to be posted immediately too. (Yes, I will do my best to prohibit spam.)  I look forward to the conversations we will have!

Social media is not new to most of us.  But for those who may still not be familiar you may wish to learn how you can subscribe to my feed and that of Harry Foster, Tom Fitzpatrick or Dave Rich, whom I join on the Verification Horizons Blog.  (Just Google RSS to learn how to automate getting our feeds.)  And if you are a fan of the short message format, you might want to learn about Twitter.  You can either follow me outright, (Twitter account required) or you can simply “Twitter-stalk” me (no account required).

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