New white paper: Building the infrastructure for holistic, end-to-end manufacturing

By Tova Levy

Learn how to boost efficiency with a holistic PCB manufacturing and assembly operation

Demand for innovation is on the rise, and as electronic devices become ever-more complex and customized, electronics manufacturers are under pressure to reduce both time-to-market and production costs. To succeed in today’s market and remain competitive in the future, manufacturers must improve efficiency at every juncture. But many manufacturers are blocked by the traditional disconnect between PCB production and the box-build of the final product, each with its own data and processes.

Our new whitepaper discusses how manufacturers can break through the production-to-box-build roadblock and achieve smart, agile, electromechanical assembly. Using a holistic approach, it is now possible to transform siloed processes into a unified, integrated product and production lifecycle—from product design to production planning, engineering, execution and service (from idea to shelf).

This whitepaper by Oren Manor, Director of Business Development at the Valor division, covers how manufacturers can create a fully digitalized business model with a consistent digital thread that has the power and flexibility to accelerate processes and optimize production operations. It also discusses the importance of joint data storage and a data management system that provide a unified data backbone and create a collaboration platform throughout all steps of the value chain. This type of integrated lifecycle management provides the flexibility to adapt to business changes with a single source of information and streamline processes to manage all stages of the product lifecycle, from concept to end of life.

Learn more—download the whitepaper now.

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