Automated Material Management for a Smart Factory

By Sagi Reuven

Managing material on the shop-floor is one of the major challenges that electronics manufacturers face when seeking to improve productivity and profitability. Materials account for ~80% of production costs, with a large impact on profit margins if not handled correctly.

Real material control lies in knowing at all times where the material is, both on the shop-floor and in the warehouse, and in full visibility of material consumption and its movement within the factory.

Valor® Material Management is designed to address the many challenges facing manufacturers with regards to the control and visibility of the materials in the factory. Material Management offers clear ROI, by reducing inventory levels and material waste, while improving factory productivity and product quality.

Join our upcoming live webinar on September 16, 2020 to learn about this advanced solution for smart PCB assembly. Sagi Reuven, Valor’s Shopfloor Business Manager will share his vision and drive you along this journey to Automated Material Management.

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