New Valor Configuration Tool – advancing service excellence

By Izik Avidan

The Valor Configuration Tool is a new, internal tool that helps to increase the certainty of success of your electronics manufacturing project.

Siemens recently launched the tool, which helps its sales representatives and distributors to quickly provide customers with a complete bill of materials and price estimations for our advanced engineering and manufacturing software and hardware. Provided to Siemens presales, architects and distributors as a value-added service, the complete, validated reports generated by the Valor Configuration Tool can be used by customers’ engineering and purchasing staff to help get their Industry 4.0 manufacturing site up and running quickly.

The tool, which specifies licensing, hardware, support and service requirements for their engineering and manufacturing needs, has been introduced as a part of Siemens’ ongoing commitment to service excellence. Customers benefit from Siemens’ vast experience and best-practice expertise in the digitalization of industries world-wide.

To address customer needs and generate a customized proposal, the Siemens representative simply sets up SMT lines, choosing the machines to be deployed from a comprehensive list. The integrated expert system automatically recommends the optimal solution mix that is required for a seamless implementation, along with the price estimations.

In addition, the Valor tool, with its menu-based interface, simplifies the setup of complex manufacturing processes involving multiple sites and lines.

With the Valor Configuration Tool, you are assured of receiving an optimized, highly-accurate pricing configuration, thus increasing the level of certainty that your electronics project will succeed. For more information, contact your Siemens Digital Industries Software representative.

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