Podcast series: Smart manufacturing (Part 1) – industrial-machinery

(Listen to the podcast, above.) The landscape of industrial machinery in manufacturing is seeing an innovative surge of technological advancements based on smart manufacturing. This is in response……

industrial-scale additive manufacturing

Industrializing additive manufacturing

What is additive manufacturing? It’s more than rapid prototyping….

Siemens and HP collaboration

Additive manufacturing advances with innovative alliance

Manufacturing companies are revolutionizing their businesses and processes with industrial-scale additive manufacturing. What was inconceivable is now possible via 3D printing and simulation, to cons……

Additive manufacturing – disrupting the future of manufacturing

Manufacturing is changing in ways never thought imaginable.

Though some manufacturers have not yet adopted additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, it is expected to be soon a standard……

Building for the future with additive manufacturing


“I think everybody in our industry has an aha moment, where they first see the technology and realize its potential,” says Brian Neff, CEO of Sintavia.

For Brian Nef……

Additive manufacturing solutions – begin using network partners

How do you begin to use industrial-scale additive manufacturing?

This growing technology will someday be a requirement for all manufacturers. Additive manufacturing has tremendous potentia……

Harnessing the advantages of additive manufacturing

Is your company ready for industrial-scale additive manufacturing?

Manufacturers speak of prototyping and 3D printing, but industrial-scale additive manufacturing, or ISAM, goes one step f……

Leveraging MES solutions beyond production

Expand your imagination in what you can do with simulation, primarily as related to your manufacturing execution system: how much could you improve your product output?
The typical process is ear……

Address obsolete parts production with the digital twin

There’s more to a manufactured part than what’s visible. Every component contains a wealth of historical information about its design and the manufacturing processes that went into creating the part…….