Siemens is on the pulse of groundbreaking innovations. In step with that objective, the Thought Leadership Team at Siemens Digital Industry Software provides podcasts, blogs, articles and white papers based on the knowledge of engineers and experts in their field. We discuss what Siemens is doing in many industries while forecasting the landscape of innovative technologies.

Our team focuses on emerging technologies in the next two to five years that Siemens is investing in and for which we are developing solutions.

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Harnessing the advantages of additive manufacturing

Is your company ready for industrial-scale additive manufacturing?

Manufacturers speak of prototyping and 3D printing, but industrial-scale additive manufacturing, or ISAM, goes one step f…

Hype and reality of additive manufacturing applications

Is your company ready for industrial-scale additive manufacturing? As a member of the Siemens PLM Thought Leadership team, we are joined by Robert Meshel, Siemens Director of the Additive Manufacturi…

Don’t get stressed out when you simulate your PCB with digitalization – part 7 of 8

Automakers will need to take a closer look at the electronic component analysis processes of the next generation of electronic circuit boards to ensure the vehicle will be able to accomplish this.

Is it safe? The answer for autonomous vehicles

How will we ever know if autonomous cars are safe? And, do we even know if the cars we drive today are safe?

I suppose they are safe enough, as most of us spend much time on the roads. But…

Quality parts on demand with additive manufacturing

Is your company taking advantage of the many benefits of additive manufacturing to improve your system production and product quality to stay competitive?
Additive manufacturing (AM), also known …

Why the aerospace industry must adopt condition-based maintenance

By: Dave Chan and John Cunneen 

When the aerospace industry adopts condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance methods, the cost of owning and operating aircraft is minimiz…

Space travel, the new frontier in tourism

If you are looking to escape to an exotic locale unencumbered by tourists, there’s a wide-open destination waiting for you: space.
After all, so far only a handful of people have been able to cas…

PCB thermal simulation: why heat is the enemy of reliability – part 6 of 8

PCB thermal simulation and analysis will play a major role in developing the next generation of mobility. Autonomous and electric vehicle’s software and electronics content is exponentially growing p…

Digitalization enables industrialization of additive manufacturing

The centuries-old city of Finspång, on the banks of Skutbosjön Lake, Sweden, has been a center of industry since the 16th century, when local factories produced cannon and cannonballs for the country…