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Redefine the Line: How automotive trends are changing the ways we move from point A to B

The automotive industry has been one of the most dynamic and exciting incubators of technological…

The Data Deluge: What do we do with the data generated by AVs?

This is part two of a seven-part series on the growing importance of automotive software….

From Mechanical Marvels to Software Suites: The growing role of automotive embedded software

This is part three of a seven-part series on the growing importance of automotive software….

Implementing smart manufacturing for parts manufacturing

Industrial machinery in manufacturing is witnessing dynamic technological advancements. It is a significant task to…

Can modern planes still manage high intensity radiated fields, lightning strikes?

Airplanes are designed to take the jolt of a lightning strike. But changes in material…

Aircraft Certification: using analysis and simulation for the airframe structure

In our previous blog, Aircraft Certification: the benefits of using analysis and simulation, we discussed…

Providing online engineering learning opportunities for students

Education takes on many forms via academic institutions in the classroom and online training, along…

Smart mobility at the local level

Oct. 25, 2019, Livonia, Mich. It’s one thing to consider the innovative technology that will…

smart manufacturing digital twin

Implementing smart manufacturing – leveraging the digital twin

Implementing the digital twin in smart manufacturing integrates multi-disciplines in managing simulation to solve many issues….