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Siemens continues to make strides in eMobility with the acquisition of Heliox

By Victoria Carlos

The global transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is underway. According to a recent Cox Automotive report, EV sales are now forecasted to break the 1 million mark for the first time in the US in 2023—and their sales are only expected to surge in the coming decades. This rapid increase in green vehicle adoption is also expected to transcend beyond consumer automobiles.

As sustainability initiatives within the supply chain, cities and facilities continue to command attention, electric methods of transportation have become an increasingly attractive solution. Here are 2 ways EVs are changing the future of mobility:

  • eTruck: the supply chain undergoing an eco-friendly transformation as they begin to employ fleets of e-Trucks to transport products—even at long ranges
  • eBus: Cities and campuses alike are seeing the value in using eBusses to move students and citizens, bringing tailpipe emissions down to zero 

While greener transit methods are an environmental triumph, these vehicles are faced with the challenges of having to operate reliably over long service lives over long ranges while achieving similar performance and driving characteristics to their gas-powered counterparts.

Fast charging could be the answer to alleviating range issues. However, fast charging does come with a few risks such as battery overheating, limited charging power due to elevated connector temperatures and skin burn risks from blistering connectors. These obstacles are generating a new demand for heavy-duty yet efficient charging stations that are also easy and safe to use—a multifaceted challenge for most solution providers.

In light of the growing demand for dynamic charging solutions, Siemens AG announced that they are set to acquire Heliox, an industry leader in robust eBus, eTruck and passenger vehicle charging solutions. This acquisition is set to contribute to Siemens’ rapidly expanding eMobility sector by helping them tap into markets in North America and Europe while simultaneously empowering software improvement and digitalization.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Heliox creates and manufactures premier direct current (DC) fast charging solutions, which are the key to success in the ever-changing eMobility landscape. DC chargers deliver power directly to the battery, resulting in an expedited charging time, making it an optimal solution for fleet operators seeking to maximize the operational efficiency of their vehicles. In addition, Heliox employs liquid cooling rapid chargers which use liquid-cooled cables to counter the threat of overheating at high charging speeds.

When the power of DC charging and liquid cooling are combined commercial vehicles fitted with larger battery capacities, the advantages are evident. This enables large EVs to substantially increase their on-road time, minimize their dependency on charging stations and ensure the longevity of their battery lives, so fleets can uphold regular levels of productivity, even during long-range journeys.

Siemen’s acquisition of Heliox represents a significant step forward in their commitment to advancing their existing portfolio of eMobility products and solutions while also improving capabilities in power electronics. This important milestone will not only broaden Siemens’ product range but will also open doors to digitalization and software development in energy management and depot services. As leaders increasingly embrace EVs, and the momentum behind sustainable transportation methods builds, Siemens remains steadfast in their commitment to fostering a greener world through an electrified future.

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