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The Paris Air Show – aerospace innovations and first impressions

By Dale Tutt

The Aerospace and Defense Industry is catapulting into unchartered and innovative spheres.

With the surge of aerospace companies participating in modern advancements like electric aircraft, Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (EVTOL), air taxis, supersonic aircraft, next-generation fighter jets and new ventures in space tourism, launchers, satellites and space exploration, we’re witnessing advancements of a magnitude not seen since the dawn of this industry in the early twentieth century.

We never thought we would see flying cars in our lifetime; or, that private companies would lead the charge in exploring space and flights back to the moon or on to Mars. However, these numerous opportunities present us with unique challenges. Advancements in technology, like autonomous electric air taxis, result in an increased level of complex integrations and regulatory requirements that require new solutions.

In a marketplace of surging innovation, how does a company deliver programs that fulfill its promises while meeting the objectives of scheduling and cost? In such a competitive arena, with an influx of new startups to the market, there’s significant pressure to provide new products quickly, within cost, and at minimal risk to the company.  At Siemens, we partner with companies to provide solutions that enhance innovation, accelerate time to develop and certify new aircraft, and quickly ramp up production rates to meet customer demand.

The 2019 Paris Air Show highlighted many of these exciting advancements, along with robust, innovative solutions and high-tech achievements.

Walking through the Paris Air Show

Never bereft of energy and excitement, this year’s show was no exception. From the vast expanse of allocated space to the mass of people, there was no shortage of technological eye-candy, including flying displays and innovations in electrical and autonomous aircraft.

The 2019 Paris Air Show exhibited innovative and technological advancements at the largest aerospace-industry exhibition in the world. Officially dating back to 1909, this marquee event made its original debut with over 100,000 attendees. This year, the five-day event in June attracted over 316,000 attendees, including both professionals and public visitors representing over 185 countries.

In addition to the many military jets, helicopters, airliners, and business jets normally displayed at the show, some of the contemporary attractions highlighted several electrical aircraft, including air taxi concepts – with Siemens-developed motors using Siemens simulation and design tools.  It was exciting to see the innovative products – and the people and companies behind them.

As we met with customers, we heard consistent themes of innovating products and transformative visions for the industry.  Topics of interest at the 2019 event included:

    • Advancements to accelerate time-to-market
    • Implementation of new materials and electric technology
    • Improved Integrated Program Planning and Execution
    • Flexible manufacturing techniques such as robotics, automation and additive manufacturing
    • Improved productivity and efficiency for their teams

Siemens a la chalet

Siemens presence at the Paris Air Show, visible via the chalet, was designed for 75-80 people, and consistently full – a balance of employees and customers. Its welcoming atmosphere highlighted information on additive manufacturing, software solutions, electrical design and factory automation. Strolling through the space exposed you to a dynamic atmosphere of customer presentations and technology displays.  The large side patio area provided ample exposure to the runway and flight displays.

Presentations to customers included a consistent and effective holistic, adaptable approach, using proven, full lifecycle solutions and a robust digital thread to take you through design, development, production and servicing of aircraft. These short presentations provided exposure to leadership teams, reaffirming our existing partnerships and nurturing new customer relationships by providing solutions to help companies grow and develop.

Final thoughts on aerospace innovations and the industry

The Aerospace and Defense Industry, like the Automotive Industry, is entering an era of dynamic change. A paradigm shift for both, not witnessed in over a century, will change the infrastructure and our perception of flying and transportation – truly a new vision of mobility.

Siemens Digital Industries Software is well positioned to support this new age of aerospace innovation, providing the most trusted and proven solutions for the software, expertise and excellence, to help companies excel in this competitive field.  I look forward to sharing more on this topic in future blogs.

This completes the first blog in a series of articles on the Aerospace and Defense Industry and its innovative advancements. Look for future topics on aerospace and forecasting in this ever-changing marketplace where today meets tomorrow.

About the author:
Dale Tutt is the Vice President of Aerospace and Defense Industry, for Siemens PLM Software. He is responsible for defining the overall Aerospace and Defense industry strategy for Siemens PLM, driving specific industry requirements into software products and solutions, and working with the Marketing team to define industry-specific market solutions for Aerospace and Defense customers.  Dale has 30 years of experience in engineering design, development, and program leadership within the Aerospace industry.

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