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Future success means knowing how to implement AI

By Steve Hartman

Companies must know how to implement AI to remain competitive as manufacturers continue into the next industrial revolution.

At its core, artificial intelligence is just a tool to do the things that humans do, but faster. AI is part of the fourth industrial revolution and, just like industrial revolutions that have preceded it, some workers are likely to be displaced.

However, Industry 4.0 is poised to create a significant number of new artificial intelligence jobs too. AI is designed to capture and analyze data; however, it will be humans who determine what to do with that influx of information and how to maximize its potential.

In our video “Working with AI in the Next Industrial Revolution,” our experts discuss how companies and workers can work with artificial intelligence to provide value to the company, increase efficiency, guide the product development process and reduce time-to-market.

When companies know how to implement AI and machine learning techniques, they can design better products, but artificial intelligence will not solve your problem for you. It will, however, assist in data management, simulation, additive manufacturing and even take over some of the mundane tasks that get in the way of creative thinking.

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About the author
Steve Hartman is a Thought Leadership writer for Siemens PLM Software. Steve’s experience is varied spanning the automotive, financial, real estate, travel and sporting goods industries as well as having written four published novels and cowrote a memoir. He has a wife, three kids, two dogs, a cat and a rabbit. And still, he carves out time to read, watch movies and write.

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