Webinar: Break through yield barriers with Siemens and PDF Solutions

By Tessent Solutions

Webinar now available on-demand

With the high cost of developing ICs at advance nodes, the pressure to maximize yield and drastically shorten the yield ramp calls for new solutions. PDF Solutions and Siemens recently announced the integration of the Siemens Tessent software and PDF Solutions Exensio® Manufacturing Analytics capabilities. The tighter integration between different platforms across the semiconductor product lifecycle, including EDA, manufacturing analytics, and test operations can dramatically boost manufacturing yields and accelerate time to market for new products.

PDF Solutions and Siemens offer a 1-hour webinar as an introduction to the integrated product capabilities. The webinar is free and on-demand.

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In this webinar, Siemens and PDF Solutions technologists introduce the integrated, comprehensive end-to-end solution that includes manufacturing analytics, scan diagnosis, and machine learning. The powerful collaboration between industry leading technology integrates machine learning for logic in Siemens Tessent YieldInsight, memory diagnosis with Tessent SiliconInsight, and the Exensio® Manufacturing Analytics capabilities from PDF Solutions.

What you will learn: 

  • Using Exensio to optimize die population selections for analysis in Tessent YieldInsight
  • Identifying scan fail root causes in Tessent YieldInsight and increasing failure learning using correlation drilldowns in Exensio
  • Using communication between Tessent YieldInsight and Exensio Manufacturing Analytics for comprehensive learning of product scan fails
  • Leveraging Tessent SiliconInsight and Exensio to reveal yield signatures from embedded memory diagnosis 
  • Using Exensio Fire™ pattern engine and Tessent YieldInsight machine learning to uncover hidden pattern systematic yield limiters with >90% accuracy
  • Participating in the joint Early Access Program to evaluate this comprehensive solution

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