What’s New in Tecnomatix 12.1.3?

By Stephanie Aldrete

Siemens PLM Software recently made Tecnomatix version 12.1.3 available for download to its current customers. Tecnomatix release 12.1.3 features enhancements to the robotics, process designer, human simulation, and continuous applications, as well as user experience updates to improve user productivity and efficiency. The following is a description of some key enhancements to the software. You can find the software, release notes, and a new features presentation on Siemens’ Global Technical Access Center (GTAC). To learn more about Tecnomatix, go to Real Solutions for Manufacturing with Tecnomatix 12.

Robotics: Ignored Signals in OLP WAIT Commands

In version 12.1.3 the new “Skip WAIT commands in robotic simulation” option in the Motion tab of the Options dialog enables you to designate OLP WAIT signals that the simulation ignores while running. Activating this option displays the Ignored column in the Robot Signals table the next time you open it, allowing you to click the checkboxes to skip these signals when running the simulation. This is useful for cases when you upload a path for a specific robot containing WAIT signals, while the paths of other robots are not uploaded. Since the other robots are missing for the purposes of the simulation, the uploaded robot could remain ‘paralyzed’ by its unanswered WAIT signal. The new option allows you to bypass those signals and allow the simulation to continue. The simulation also skips missing signals, that is, those that are not present in the loaded scope.


Robotic Operation Merge

In this version, you can now get a preview of the merge of robotics operations before deciding to execute the merge. This command opens an excel table that displays the state before and after the merge, prior to actually implementing it. Any differences between the source and the target location are marked in red.


Continuous Process Generator

Continuous Process Generator is enhanced in version 12.1.3 to support the Coverage Pattern process (in addition to the Arc Seam process). You can now create a continuous operation with a coverage pattern in an intuitive and easy way. The new operation contains regularly spaced strokes and can be used for painting, polishing, coating, spraying and many other processes that require covering a surface while adding or removing material. Process Simulate on Teamcenter also contains the Continuous Process Generator tool.

User Experience: Multiple Graphic Viewers

You can open several Graphic windows (up to a maximum of 10) enabling you to view the graphic scene from different viewpoints at the same time. For example, with a number of Graphic windows open simultaneously, you can see a top view and a side view of the graphic scene for the purposes of analysis, or open a number of isometric views: some zoomed in to specific areas while another displays the entire work station. The View tab contains the new multiple window commands: New Window, Arrange Windows, and Switch Windows


Switch between Line Simulation and Standard Modes

In Process Simulate on Teamcenter you now have the ability to switch between Line Simulation and Standard modes. This saves you time since it is no longer necessary to reload the study in a different mode.


Better Simulation Performance

The Path Editor and Sequence Editor viewers in Process Simulate have new refresh behavior helping to significantly improve simulation performance. You no longer need to close or minimize these viewers that may contain detailed information, in order to ensure a robust simulation run.


Variant Viewer

Process Simulate on Teamcenter users can use the Variant Viewer familiar to them from Process Simulate on eMServer. Using the Variant Viewer enables you to quickly select objects according to their assigned variant information and understand the impact that the different variants have on the cell layout and functions. Note that in this version only, the classical variants are supported.


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