Video: Easy Plan Software — Production Process Planning

By Stephanie Aldrete

Siemens presents Easy Plan Software:  Production Process Planning

View this step-by-step, nine-minute video to get familiar with Easy Plan software, a role-based planning application.  Execute plant-specific detailed planning that leverages existing product design and manufacturing data.

Watch the video.

This video was created by Avi Cohen, Siemens Industry Software Ltd.


Manufacturing Engineer (ME) creates a new Work Package. ME adds standard operations tree to the work package.  ME adds new assembly planning operations to the plan.  ME develops a detailed time study for each operation. ME adds additional trees to the work package (Plant BOP, BOM, BOE and Production Program).  ME creates new Manufacturing Change Notice (MCN) and assigns it to Industrial Engineer (IE) via Teamcenter workflow.

IE can see the MCN under the INBOX tile in Easy Plan.  IE can open the Work Package that has to be detailed directly from the MCN page.  IE can easily navigate the process to find the relevant station that needs to be detailed.  Line Balancing dashboard gives time summary for selected line.  IE adds standard operations from Product BOP tree – Allocation Indication feature indicates which operations are allocated and which are not.

Easy Plan automatically revises the necessary nodes to complete the action.  IE can create specific plant operation.  Easy Plan’s task-oriented user interface allows IE to be productive.

IE picks the specific plant operation and develops a time study.  Station 40 has new plant operation that is not assigned to an operator – to balance the line, IE will share an operation with operator from Station 50.  Process Resource capacity can be changed in case Process Resource is only partially available in this line.  Easy Plan provides a Change Summary list to IE before releasing the MCN.  With Easy Plan, IE can configure the effectivity date and see differences in the content between the trees.

Easy Plan Fact Sheet

The pdf version of the Easy Plan fact sheet is attached to this blog.

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