Tecnomatix Releases DPV Lite for SMB Manufacturers

By Tim Egloff

Small to medium sized manufacturers can experience the same challenges as their large, multi-national counterparts:

   • Differing metrology equipment, software and data configurations
   • Inefficient use of equipment and inspection operation bottlenecks
   • Excessive time and effort to translate and consolidate results
   • Ineffective or delayed root cause identification

These challenges reduce productivity, add to the overall cost of quality and can impact profitability in a significant way.

DPV Lite automates the collection, translation and formatting of the latest inspection results from virtually any device, providing a consistent view of production quality in a single user interface.   This means that your engineering teams can focus on solving problems and improving quality instead of spending time translating and consolidating disparate data sources.

Learn more by visiting the DPV Lite blog.

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