Tecnomatix Plant Simulation new features, and roadmap

By Matthias Heinicke

What’s new in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation?

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Tecnomatix Plant Simulation new features and roadmap

> How to build good-looking models and reports
> Accurate and reliable results
> Flexible experiments and optimizations
> Integrated and connected models that are easy to build and adjustable
> Team collaboration
> Simulation, experiments and optimization with HEEDS

Plant Simulation Connection to HEEDS Optimization using the Sherpa Algorithm
> Simulation with focus on processes, sequences, and times, but without layout constraints
> Developing simulation models in a team
> Support of PLMXML kinematics standard

PLMXML Kinematic Import Graphic & apply PLMXML Kinematic
> Working with Git: Git managed model modification

Using a Source Code Control Systemwhen saving the new file-based Format
> Using the new PatchMatrix for fluid simulation models

Using the new PatchMatrix for Fluid Simulation ModelsEasy Change of Pipe and Processor Connections
> Virtual reality animation using an HTC Vive head-mounted display in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

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Dr. Georg Piepenbrock; Product Manager Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Georg Piepenbrock is the Product Manager of Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Paderborn in the area of software pipelining methods for processors with instruction parallelism and published with regards to the Comparison of Modulo Scheduling Techniques for Software Pipelining. Dr. Piepenbrock joined the material flow simulation team in 1995.

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