Tecnomatix Factory Design and Optimization Solution Version 2017 is now available.

By KristyMyers

Tecnomatix FactoryCAD, FactoryFLOW and In Context Editor (ICE) Version 2017 are now available! 

Are you familiar with our Factory Design and Automation solution?

The comprehensive Factory Design and Optimization products allow you to design, layout, and configure a factory environment, and optimize factory operations using digital models in a 3D factory environment. .

  • FactoryCAD allows users to create manufacturing layouts in a familiar 2D format while simultaneously creating 3D geometry in a single application through the use of standard and custom “Smart” parametric objects.

  • FactoryFLOW is a unique tool for logistics, material handling and indirect labor analysis to analyze and optimize AutoCAD and FactoryCAD layouts.

  • In Context Editor (ICE) augments AutoCAD and FactoryCAD allowing users to manage large datasets (entire plant structures) in Teamcenter. ICE provides users with the ability to selectively choose which elements in the plant tree they want to send to AutoCAD, work with multiple files concurrently in a single session (no more editing one file at a time), move objects from one drawing to another, work disconnected from Teamcenter and take advantage of versioning, effectivity, and incremental change.

What’s New?

Below are some of the new enhancements and capabilities of this release:

AutoCAD 2017

The Factory 2017 release will add support for AutoCAD 2017, AutoCAD Architecture 2017 and AutoCAD MEP 2017. This release will continue to support V2016 releases of these AutoCAD products.

 System Requirements

  • Support for Windows 10 has been added for the Factory V2017 release. Windows 7 and Windows 8 are also supported with this release.

  • Office 2013 and Office 2016 have been certified for the Factory V2017 release.

  • Java SE 7 and higher versions are now supported for conversion of legacy .flo project files.

Training and Support

  • Link to the Tecnomatix Community Support site added to the Factory Help menus.

  • Link to FactoryCAD and FactoryFLOW Tutorials added to the Factory Help menus.

Menu Loading

Menu loading was enhanced to improve performance and prevent unloading and reloading of menus when switching between files and applications. Once the Factory menus are loaded in the session they will remain loaded until AutoCAD is closed.

Backward Compatibility

Users now have the ability to open new files in previous versions of the software. Factory drawing version has been added to the drawing dictionary. As long as the Factory drawing version is not updated between releases, drawings created in later versions of the product can now automatically be opened without requiring a patch.

Direct Model (JT) Export

Translation of AutoCAD mtext is now supported for all font types.


FactoryCAD Block Manager

All block libraries included with FactoryCAD were migrated to the Library Manager and Factory Explorer. These objects can now be inserted directly from the Factory Explorer. Documentation to Import items to a library was updated to include creation of bitmaps to support display of preview images in the Library Object view panel in the Factory Explorer. For this release both the Block Manager and Library Manager functionality will be supported.


FactoryFLOW Component Tree

The Find function was enhanced to search for parts, assemblies, activity points, and material handling equipment in the FactoryFLOW window data tree. The assembly tree will expand and scroll as needed to show the selected items.

FactoryFLOW Part Routing

Part Routings were enhanced to automatically display in sequential order. Additional functionality was added to sort the moves by clicking on the column headers. Any time the Part Routing is loaded/reloaded, it will initially appear in sequential order.

In Context Editor (ICE)

ICE Teamcenter 11.2 Support

For this release, we have added support for Teamcenter 11.2. We now support Teamcenter 9, 10 and 11 to provide flexibility as users upgrade to new versions of Teamcenter.

ICE BOM Line Refresh

The Refresh functionality was enhanced to better reflect checkout status changes that are made when other users are simultaneously working with the same project in ICE or Teamcenter.

For much more information about Tecnomatix Factory Design and Automation solution visit our web pages.  If you have comments or questions, please leave them below in the comments section.


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