Siemens hosts successful 2016 Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference

By Matthias Heinicke

Siemens hosts successful 2016 Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference The biggest industrial driven discrete event simulation conference worldwide. The annual Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference, June 20-22, in Stuttgart, Germany, was our largest conference ever with about 270 participants, from dozens of countries and organizations across the globe. You can read about day one and day two of the conference in previous Tecnomatix blogs.

The presentations from the conference can be viewed on the Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference event page in PDF format.

The conference featured a keynote address by Mr. Maximillian Kuerig from Institute for Production and Logistics in Germany. It was a very well received and interesting presentation that showed how far we are already in the future. Portions of this presentative are available in PDF format here.


Another popular presentation, “Flexibilization Study of Material and Energy Flows in Mining,” by Dr. Hans Ruediger Lange – Vattenfall Europe Generation AG, Germany; and Johannes Stoldt – Fraunhofer-Institute, addressed with the mining industry a very unusual topic for most of the other participants. Some of the highlights included explanations of:

  • Continuous equipment technology and direct dump system

  • Annual conveying capacity of 110 Million cubical meters overburden and 20Million tons lignite 

  • Yearly energy consumption between 300 to 350 Giga Watt hours.


During our summary meeting with conference attendees, we asked how they liked the real hands-on workshops and they responded that they loved it. Attendees asked for even harder work for next year. We were somehow afraid that most of the participants would sit there and say something like, “We are not in school here anymore. What do you think who we are? We have studied and now you treat us like pupils?” But, instead they said the conference is really helpful. The sessions addressed what they need and it is so much better then learning the information by reading.

The conference presentation with the highest score was the presentation of Ralph Bauknecht addressing interfaces between Plant Simulation and database. The presentation is titled, “Data interfaces – Database, SQLite, ODBC, EXCEL, and XML – bi-directional data exchange.” Eighty persons (standing in 3 lines at the back of the room) participated in a room expected for 46 persons. This popular presentation will be made available in PDF format shortly. But also the other presentations were very well received. We had four parallel sessions so it was quite difficult to decide where to go.


The Siemens Plant Simulation conference app helped customers to read the content summary of presentations and to learn more about who the presenter is and to create your individual schedule. Next year maybe we publish some tasks before to enable customers to prepare “homework” and follow the solution during the session even more closely. Another further development might be that we will have the sessions even longer. This year the slots were one hour.

Planning for 2017 is already underway! We will send out a save-the-date notice toward the end of 2016 with the new conference dates.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

With best regards,

Matthias Heinicke

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