Round up of Digital Enterprise Factory Showcase Tour blogs

By Stephanie Aldrete

Now you can find all of our Digital Enterprise Factory Showcase blogs in one place.  Click on the links below to view the videos and learn more about how to use Siemens PLM software to become more productive and to deliver higher quality products to market faster.

Introduction to the Digital Enterprise Factory Showcase

In our video blog series we will present how digitalization transforms the way companies, like yours, can do business and allow you to experience the power of digitalization in manufacturing.

This year we published an exciting series of blogs with videos highlighting digitalization and the digital twin of production.  In the series, we showcase an example of a digital enterprise factory.  Our factory is currently producing the Siemens Field PG but we are about to add an additional variant with upgraded components. Throughout the series you will see how this change affects every part of our manufacturing process, and how Siemens’ tools help us to cope with the change.

Integrated design & simulation for optimizing design solutions

Join us at the second station on the Digital Enterprise Factory Showcase Tour – Mechanical Design and Analysis.  During this stop on the tour, we integrate a new hardware component to our high end field PG.  We need to make sure that our design changes are not generating any issues like overheating.  Your tour guide describes integrated design and simulation for optimizing design solutions featuring NX CAD and Simcenter 3D.

Electronics design enhanced by collaboration between teams

During this stop on the Tour, the electrical design department makes a change to the processor in the printed circuit board in the field PG product.  The change will require a close collaboration between the engineers using Xpedition, an integrated multi-board electronics systems design and verification flow, and the mechanical engineers using NX.  Collaboration between the teams will ensure high quality and reduced time-to-market.

Printed circuit board designs optimized for manufacturing

In this stop on the tour, the experts show you how the Valor New Product Introduction (NPI) application helps to accelerate new product introductions.  Highlights of the video featuring Valor NPI:

    • Optimize printed circuit board for yield, cost and reliability during the initial PCB design process
    • Xpedition integration enables DFM concurrent with the design process
    • Eliminate design spins caused by manufacturing issues
    • Design and optimize panels for lowest material cost

Manufacturing planning with a digital twin

In this blog, experts verify the manufacturing planning process change. You will learn about the importance of a digital twin in manufacturing planning, and the key capabilities of Siemens Teamcenter Manufacturing, Process Simulate, Easy Plan, and Plant Simulation software.

Digital Enterprise Factory – From Machine Design to Assembly & Installation

In this episode of the factory tour, we tell the story from machine design, line design, and automation design, to virtual reality, virtual commissioning, and assembly and installation.  Across all of the videos we feature useful Siemens software solutions including, NX Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD), Active Workspace, Line Designer, Process Simulate, PLCSim Advanced, and SIMATIC IT UA DM.

Enterprise Factory Showcase Tour featuring NX software

Now we tell the story from the perspective of rethinking business with additive manufacturing methods, process and production planning, shop floor operations, machining, and finishing and inspection, to inspection programming and execution.

The last blog in the series, episode #8, will be published soon!  Stay tuned for the final episode in the Digital Enterprise Factory Showcase Tour blog series.

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