Plant Simulation User Meeting Update

By Mike Rouman

As always, this event will include demonstrations of new product capabilities along with use cases presented by our devoted user community. Of course, the most important part remains to be the informal exchange of knowledge and experience among Plant Simulation users.

The product development team will present enhancements in the area of energy savings, a new capability that was introduced with Plant Simulation version 11, and one that has gained a lot of attention. The major question addressed here is “how can I save energy in my production processes?” Energy savings also extend to other areas, such as supply chain management. Siemens foundation partner SimPlan will present, for the first time, an innovative model for optimizing supply chains using Plant Simulation. This is based on the EU E-Save project. Siemens foundation partner ISILOG will demonstrate an energy savings use case in crankcase production.

In the area of PLM Integration, the team will demonstrate the management of simulation models and simulation data in Teamcenter, directly from within Plant Simulation.  The head of simulation at Flensburger Shipyard will present use cases in the area of Shipbuilding and Complex Construction.HHLA will demonstrate the use of Plant Simulation for virtual commissioning of Port Control software.  This application is used in many container
terminals around the world, with the support of Hamburg Port Consulting arm, HPC.

Other enhancements to be shown are in the area of material flow, including an integrated and impressive approach for using the new 3D capabilities of Plant Simulation.Of special focus is the development and global distribution of application add-ons by our partners.The product team will present new functionalities and business models that support this.A good example is the warehouse management solution by Siemens foundation partner cards PLM Solutions.  cards PLM will hold a separate free training session for their solution in Stuttgart on October 28-29, 2013.

We are looking forward to your participation and to the continuation of this user meeting as one of the largest forums dealing with material flow analysis and simulation in German-speaking countries!

For more information about organizational details, the conference agenda and to register, simply click and follow the link below.The event will be generally held in German, but with quite a few of the use cases presented in English.

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Anwendertreffen (User Meeting)


Your Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Product Team

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