Moving EV Manufacturing into the Fast Lane

By Okay Yaramanoglu

Automotive OEMs and startups seeking to become major electric mobility players are faced with the new and novel challenges that electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing presents, such as lightweighting, the transition to EV platforms, battery production, and supplier evolution.

According to the SME article “Moving EV Manufacturing Into the Fast Lane” written by our Siemens experts Shashi Rajagopalan and Greg Roth, these companies will need to adopt advanced manufacturing technologies, such as additive manufacturing, and develop modular production facilities to produce the lightweight and flexible platforms needed for next-generation EVs. They also stress that cost reduction and coordination across the manufacturer and supplier ecosystem will be critical to fostering the growth of EVs in the market.

Read the full article at SME.


Shashi Rajagopalan
Director of Manufacturing Business Development and Marketing, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Greg Roth
Director of Automotive and Transportation Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software

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