John Deere Reduces Robot Programming Time with RobotExpert

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In this new case study you’ll learn how long-time Siemens’ customer, John Deere de Arc-les-Gray, a subsidiary of John Deere, added offline robot programming using RobotExpert to extend its digital factory and, as a result, shortened factory lead times. Here are a few highlights from the article:

  1. John Deere implemented offline robot programming and reduced programming time from one week to two to three days.

  2. Production downtime has been dramatically reduced by a factor of three.

  3. An employee, fresh out of welding school, was successful in modeling a robot installation and creating a part program easily by taking advantage of Siemens’ online tutorials and demo version of RobotExpert.

  4. And, last, you’ll learn how John Deere has optimized design and manufacturing processes with concurrent engineering.

Read the complete case study, “John Deere

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