Introduction of the Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) solution on Teamcenter

By abhidastidar

For the Teamcenter users, we have recently launched a new way of accessing work instruction at the shop floor. The Teamcenter Electronic Work Instruction (EWI) solution is a web-based application that helps manufacturers communicate all manufacturing process information, including process steps, 2D/3D visuals, markups, standard texts and PMI information to the shop floor.

Shop floor workers can access the work instructions using an easy to navigate and intuitive user interface. You will find that the EWI user interface has a touch based navigation optimized for mobile devices, and it’s lightweight architecture ensures it doesn’t take significant computing resources of the device. In addition, EWI is directly connected to the Teamcenter database. Therefore, any time there is a change in product design or manufacturing process, it can be immediately reflected at the shop floor.

Watch the below video and learn how Teamcenter EWI can help you manage work instructions documents and allow your shop floor employees to have easy access to up to date process steps.

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You can find additional information about the EWI solution by visting our website.

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