Plant Simulation in internal warehousing and logistics projects

By Matthias Heinicke

International experts Nick Peeters and Sebastiaan Tuinstra of cards PLM Solutions, in Best, Netherlands, will share their experience in warehouse modeling, simulation, visualization, analysis, and optimization during an entertaining, 30-minute-lecture at the Plant Simulation User Day on May 30th during Realize LIVE 2022 at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin.

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 2201 Warehouse Model
Tecnomatix Plant Simulation warehouse model.


When developing a simulation model for a project in a warehousing and logistics environment, you can expect to gain massive benefits from understanding the system. Most often, you will run into several questions and challenges, like:

  • Where should we store and retrieve our items?
  • Which locations will be best for the throughput of our logistics system?
  • How do we find and resolve traffic bottlenecks?
  • Which case picking methods will be best in our picking areas?
  • And many more.
High Bay warehouse planning
Close-up of shelves at a modern distribution warehouse.

cards PLM Solutions has 20 years of experience in simulating these processes and will share the essence of their insights and practices with you. This will guide you in making the right decisions for your simulation approach for small or large, complex logistics projects.

The Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference 2022 will take place Monday, May 30th, at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

This year the Siemens Digital Industries Software Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference 2022 will take place on the day before Siemens Realize LIVE Europe.

Participation in the Plant Simulation User Conference is independent from Realize LIVE. If you would like to join Realize LIVE Europe, please register for the event separately.


Conference Fee:

Participation is free of charge for Plant Simulation users, teachers, and students.

Registration is required.


  • The Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference is intended for Tecnomatix Plant Simulation product users, resellers, partners, and academic users.
  • Register today, the space is limited to 500 participants.
  • The meeting will be an in-person only event – there will be no virtual content.
  • The meeting language will be English.

Why should you attend?

  • Learn from others to increase simulation, modelling, visualization, analysis, and optimization knowledge and productivity,
  • Hear about innovative ideas for addressing daily challenges.
  • Time-saving tips and tricks for your work will be shared.
  • Expand your network of resources and user examples.
  • Gain significant cost savings through understanding and implementation of new features and enhancements.
  1. Register using the link above.
  2. Wait until the page is fully loaded.
  3. If it is not already there, insert Promo Code: RL2022-30May
  4. Choose “Plant Simulation User Day 2022 – Monday only” at the end of the page
  5. Get access to the Plant Simulation registration page.

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