Hackathon in the Wider Context of Innovation

After our Hackathons Siemens PLM Hackathon and Pune Hackathon

I was looking to get the wider context of these special events. So I spoke to some serious dudes in our organization to get their take on the Hackathon takeaways. Of course I turned to the organizers (Ayala Arbely and Eitan Carmi), and along the way I also got some profound perspective from Adam Magen, our Senior Director of Special Projects, Ofer Ohayion, who’s an Application Team Leader, and Koby Levi, a Business Consultant here.

Our conversations touched on the need to overturn bureaucratic self-enclosure and to approach near to our clients, to better sense their requirements. Smaller competitors are naturally nimbler in the race to reach the customer. As a large organization, we’re reinventing ourselves to meet the challenges, trying seriously to embed this innovation gene deep in our workplace and culture. In further posts, I’ll share some of the ideas how we’re getting there.

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