AWS IoT Digital Roadshow Smart Manufacturing Webinar: Enabling Digitization in Brownfield Factories

By Annie Lam
Tecnomatix Intosite NG Factory

Are you trying to accelerate your adoption of the manufacturing digital twin and transition from brownfield to digitally transformed?

We are excited to announce that Siemens’ Yakove Dayan and Yonit Doanis will be presenting at the AWS IoT Digital Roadshow “Smart Manufacturing” webinar series. Our experts will provide insights and solutions that can help you spearhead digital transformation in your organization.

Join us for an insightful webinar to learn how to master complexity using Intosite, a cloud-based smart map of the shop floor.

Register now for Episode 7: Enabling Digitization in Brownfield Factories on 15 October 2020 at 15:00 – 16:00 CEST.

In today’s world, industrial leaders are adopting the manufacturing digital twin—a complete digital model of the organization’s factory(ies) alongside the related planning and operational processes. This technology meshes information derived from engineering and execution systems as well as IoT, equipping the enterprise with the tools to dramatically improve and optimize its entire manufacturing cycle.

Siemens Digital Industries Software provides a suite of tools, technology, and services to help manufacturing organizations navigate the journey to implement digital twin for their production sites. In this session, you can learn how to accelerate the adoption of the manufacturing digital twin with Intosite, a cloud-based product that enables users to capture a visual model of their global factories and connect that visual model to a variety of PLM systems (Teamcenter, Mindsphere, etc.). Additionally, discover best practices to ensure your organization derives value each step of the way along the transition from brownfield to digitally transformed.

Intosite, an integral part of the Tecnomatix software suite, is a cloud-based web application that makes digital manufacturing and production information accessible to the wider manufacturing team in a simple and intuitive visualization environment. It fosters efficient knowledge sharing and communication that provides immediate access to information.

Available data items are displayed with a flag on their associated machines or stations in the factory visuals. These information items can be pulled from almost any database, including MRP, ERP, Teamcenter, and even real time from your machine controllers using MindSphere applications.

Shop personnel and managers can add information directly to Intosite in the discussion panel, speeding up resolution of issues as they arise. Everyone on the team has controlled and secure access to the relevant data in Intosite, while communication is preserved for review at anytime from anywhere.

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About the Speakers

Yakove Dayan, Director of Software Engineering at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Yakove Dayan has many years of experience in leading development and deployments of advance software products for manufacturing engineering and production community. In recent years with Siemens, he has been responsible for customer success and the Intosite cloud product. Yakove holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Ben Gurion University in Israel and MSc in Robotics and Numerical Control from University of Michigan.

Yonit Doanis, Product Manager of Intosite at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Yonit Doanis has many years of experience in product management, software research, and different product development roles. In recent years, Yonit has been leading the product direction of Intosite. Yonit holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Ben Gurion University and MBA from Tel Aviv University in Israel.


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