Video: Intosite for remote collaboration

By Stephanie Aldrete

Manufacturers seek new ways to enable part of their production workforce, suppliers and customers, to keep working and collaborating while being remote from the factories. Intosite can help by providing a transparent factory – A virtual factory that is tagged with manufacturing information, making remote meeting feel as if you are right there in the factory, by the line or at the station.

Watch the two minute video to find out more about Intosite.

The video was produced by Yonit Doanis, Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Navigate Digital Twins of Your Production Facilities

Intosite allows you to create cloud-based 2D/3D/panoramic representations of a production facility, presented in its geographical context.  This allows you to navigate through the facility in a simple and familiar way providing intuitive access to information from any IT system.

Intosite facilitates a virtual tour of your facilities using rich visualization techniques, with the ability to get relevant information by simply clicking on visual tags that are connected to PLM and other IT sources.

Geographic-based Manufacturing Information Access

Navigate, access and visualize up-to-date manufacturing information using the digital twin of your production facilities wherever they are located.

Learn more about Intosite.

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