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By Jen Groisman

Why WAGO Kontakttechnik relies on Teamcenter for success?

In the dynamic realm of electrical interconnection and automation solutions, operational excellence sets the stage for success. WAGO Kontakttechnik is a leading global supplier of electrical connections optimizes processes. This case study delves into WAGO Kontakttechnik’s transformation, highlighting the role of Siemens’ software solutions, specifically Teamcenter and NX, in overcoming challenges, optimizing operations and elevating strategies.

Let’s delve into the key insights from this illuminating case study.

Overcoming key challenges

WAGO Kontakttechnik confronted a series of challenges that should resonate with companies operating in a competitive landscape:

βœ… Navigating complex product development across a diverse array of offerings

βœ… Adapting to market dynamics – responding swiftly to shifting market demands

βœ… Enhancing operational efficiency throughout the value chain to cut costs and enhance productivity

Siemens’ software solutions, Teamcenter and NX, emerged as pivotal tools in catalyzing WAGO’s transformation, addressing the specific challenges and needs:

⏩ Streamlined workflows: automation of processes led to smoother product development cycles, accelerating time-to-market

πŸ’‘ Data-driven insights : WAGO harnessed data insights to forecast market trends, enabling customized product offerings

🌐 Streamlined collaboration for cross-functional team bolstered efficiency at all stages

What led to the decision to select Siemens Digital Industries Software?

Regarding the CAD/PDM selection process, we looked particularly at the possibility of automating our complete process chain… from the design of our products, to manufacturing equipment and mold design, to manufacturing,

says Michael Burmester, head of process and product data management at Wago.

We made the decision to select software from Siemens Digital Industries Software, and we have had very good experiences as a result of our decision.

Remarkable outcomes

WAGO is now an industry leader and utilized data insights to achieve remarkable results:

βœ… Integrated, transparent operations

βœ… Shortened development, change and optimization processes

βœ… Greatly improved communication and collaboration – through 3D visualization

βœ… Innovative, high-value solutions are now delivered faster than ever

βœ… In 10-year period, WAGO doubled product line without adding staff

In summary, WAGO Kontakttechnik’s journey underscores the transformative potential of Teamcenter. By tackling challenges, embracing tailored solutions and reaping significant results, WAGO reshaped the future of the company and doubled product line without adding staff.

For a comprehensive look at the case study, explore Siemens’ official resource available here.

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