Teamcenter Technical Publishing 2.7 – DITA toolkit and performance improvements

The Teamcenter Technical Publishing 2.7 release includes a DITA publishing toolkit for ease of install and features increased usability and a better performance to save you time in administration, authoring, and publishing.

New Feature: DITA publishing toolkit

The new release provides an out-of-the-box DITA publishing toolkit which can be added to an existing configuration. The toolkit is an optional installation package provided with the Technical Publishing software, which makes it easier to deploy DITA and related stylesheets and features the following enhancements:

  • The HTML output features an expandable sidebar, allowing for an easy chapter navigation

  • A new footer navigation allows you to browse through the contents of the current chapter

  • The full-text search highlights results and gives context

  • Improved presentation of DITA elements, including dedicated styles for the <hazardstatement> and <note> elements and an enhanced presentation of CALS tables

  • Task elements like <prereq>, <context> and <result> can be displayed either as an info-box or as simple text

  • Extended options for embedding media, including both native and YouTube videos

  • By using the attributes @scale, @width, @height, @outputclass and @placement, graphics can be scaled and positioned in the published output

Sidebar.jpgExtended UI for web publications includes expandable sidebar, for easy navigation.

Improved performance

By using new methods of loading attributes, referencing translations and computing translation paths, the performance of the following user actions has been improved:

  • Opening content in the editor

  • Creating a translation order

  • Creating a formatted preview

  • Publishing module structures

  • Exporting module structures

admin.jpgExtended access controls make administration and data sharing within projects easier.Enhanced usability

Teamcenter Technical Publishing continues to add to usability enhancements in previous releases.

  • When creating a classification tree or a category, the basic settings can be entered in a dialog window

  • User feedbacks are saved in the internal report history, where they can be reopened like other system reports

  • The feedback dialog contains a button for exporting, allowing you to save a user feedback on your local computer

  • Access controls have been extended and refined; for example, the context menu of the My CMS view has been rearranged to include a new entry for changing object ownership, and when installing TechPub Studio, a new privilege for classifying objects can be created in Teamcenter

Continuing to enhance structured editing and publishing

Technical Publishing 2.7 continues to improve the technical writing user experience, building on previous releases. Check out the Technical Publishing 2.5 and 2.6 posts for information on other recent enhancements.

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