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By Emilia Maier

Teamcenter Product Cost Management version 9.7 is here!

Benefit from automation, simplification and better user experience that come with the new capabilities and improvements in cost engineering, procurement, finance and more.

Balance cost and carbon footprint requirements with quotations that now include carbon footprint data 🍃

Sustainability has become critical to win new business and new contracts. Today’s vendor selection processes often include sustainability and social responsibility as part of the decision criteria and mandatory ESG reporting begins for qualified European Union (EU) companies on January 1, 2024. The US and other regions are in various stages of implementing their own non-financial reporting requirements to provide investors, customers, and other stakeholders with better metrics on the environmental impact of business operations. These reports determine if your company even qualifies for being included in a formal contract and request for proposal bids. Not being sustainable may result in loss of business and customers.

To support our customers in fulfilling the request of providing transparency on the carbon footprint of the products, we have extended in Teamcenter Product Cost Management our standard cost breakdown sheets. Supplier can provide quotations that include both, cost, and carbon footprint information. This new capability also supports OEMs in their supplier negotiations, due to the export and import functionality of cost and carbon emission details. The new fraction bars provide the ability to easily manage and compare quotations. The blue fraction bars showing the weight of different cost sources within the final net sales price and the green ones reflecting the weight of the different carbon footprint sources within the final carbon footprint.

Fig. 1 Teamcenter Product Cost Management - Cost and carbon footprint breakdown

Maximize the value of your calculations with regularly updated reference data

Cost estimates are critical to the success of your business. Get an edge over the competition with the accurate information we provide! To support customers in validating supplier prices, control offers, discover excessive profit margins, and avoid expensive non-optimal decisions, we regularly provide new product costing reference data, such as global production site data, global material prices and overhead rates, machine data, process library data and CO2e materials and energy data. The reference data portfolio in Teamcenter Product Cost Management is continuously updated and regularly available. With our benchmark data, you know immediately where you stand compared to the competition.

Simplify calculations with an automated import of tool layouts for progressive dies and transfer tools

In Teamcenter Tool Costing, we provide an automated import of tool layouts for progressive dies and transfer tools. This new capability provides a more productive and efficient calculation experience.

Extend tool costing with carbon footprint capabilities

In the new version of Teamcenter Tool Costing, you can enter and store a carbon footprint value for your tool calculation and use it in a linked tool allocation calculator of a product costing calculation.

Further enhancements to boost your cost calculations

User interface and usability improvements:

  • Faster opening of part calculations
  • Quickly identify cost and carbon drivers with the new fraction [%] bar
  • Easily understand on which level cost and carbon values arise
  • Better usability when adjusting calculation configuration
  • Tool allocation calculator links carbon footprint value from tool calculation

Continued expansion of capabilities in the calculation core and foundation including:

  • Improved behavior for part restoring tools/geometries
  • Tool allocation calculator linking carbon footprint value from tool calculation

A range of new and enhanced cost engineering capabilities such as:

  • One-time payments tab enhanced to an investment tab
  • Configuration to handle published part separately and publish carbon footprint value together with cost

Improved quotation calculation and profitability tracking

  • Ability to configure hard coded quantity validation

Tool Costing optimizations:

  • Import the number of deep drawing actions for transfer tools and progressive dies
  • Search for tool calculations in FTS via item- and part number

Interested in learning more?

To get more details on the improvements mentioned in this blog post have a look at Teamcenter Product Cost Management version 9.7 (for registered customers only) and check out the other product cost management blogs.

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