What’s new in Teamcenter RapidAuthor 14.2?

RapidAuthor 14.2 can auto generate interactive catalogs

IPC pages can be automatically generated based on the assembly structure, further reducing manual effort to create content. The IPC generation process can be tuned through the new configurable parameters such as page names, viewpoint settings and maximum depth of created pages.

Reuse of context geometry

Context geometry can be easily prepared with RapidIllustrator and added to other projects. This saves users a significant amount of time and effort, allowing them to focus on more important tasks, and results in a more intuitive, interactive, and engaging documentation experience for the end user.

Unmerge data

Version 14.2 introduces an Unmerge command, making it easier to manage and manipulate large, complex assemblies.

2D editing: raster image and logical operations

RapidAuthor 14.2 also includes a new raster editor making it easier to edit existing 2D images including scans.

New visualization modes improve user experience

X-ray mode: selected objects are highlighted in a different color and other objects appear translucent​.

Translucent shell: selected objects are highlighted in a different color and the outer shell of the entire assembly or product appears translucent​.

S1000D Support improvements

You can now easily access multimedia and graphics already managed in Teamcenter CMS and attach them to documents. Searching by data module or ICN provides a preview of titles to simplify the search process.

Data modules can be imported from a folder or a DMRL file, making it convenient to incorporate supplier-prepared content.

You can also configure S1000D publications using the Product Cross-reference Table (PCT) data module ​ PCT applicability filters are available for HTML, PDF, and interactive publications. You can preview PDF documentation for a specific PCT applicability.

Enhanced integration between RapidAuthor and Service Planner

Collaborative work between RapidAuthor and Service Planner in the Active Workspace environment is now supported.  Authors can effortlessly edit, view, import, and update relevant Service Planner data using RapidAuthor for Teamcenter from Active Workspace.

All these new features and improvements will help to ensure that technical documentation professionals can produce accurate and high-quality documentation and provide an improved user experience for their customers.

Check out the What’s New in RapidAuthor 14.2 Webinar to learn more.

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