PLM Integration inside Xpedition, PADS is a Treat

By Margaret Furleigh

Product lifecycle management (PLM) integration inside electronics design tools like Mentor Xpedition and PADS serves up a treat for electrical engineers with easy and convenient access to cross-domain design information and processes.

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PLM integration with ECAD and MCAD brings together electronics data and design processes with mechanical data and design processes, so teams can work together across engineering disciplines and diverse toolsets.

Want some eye candy? Watch these videos for a look at how Teamcenter PLM software works inside Mentor PADS and Xpedition, supporting collaboration with MCAD and other design processes.

With a common PLM integration with MCAD and ECAD design tools, your company can produce a multi-domain bill of material (BOM) that includes electronic, mechanical, software and simulation. PLM automates processes like design reviews and engineering change, providing people with a holistic view of the product to make better decisions.

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Watch these videos for a look at common PLM use cases and how PLM integration works inside other design tools! See how Teradyne manages their chip testing equipment product development with Teamcenter.

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