Teradyne Simplifies Complex Product Development

By Katie Schwarzwalder
Complex product development at Teradyne

Teradyne tests and helps to build the world’s most innovative products. They have to find a way to simplify complex product development, like testing a system on a chip, or integrated circuits. One product line could have 150,000 electronic parts and fill up a room with one machine. Those testers are used to test the products that you may use every day. Anywhere chips are tested, you can bet Teradyne is behind the scenes, testing all of the electronic components.

Their leading-edge product development makes sure that new products work correctly the first time, every time. And their portfolio of industrial automation solutions helps manufacturers to develop and deliver new products quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

To achieve those standards, one of the greatest concerns for Teradyne was choosing a PLM system with the most flexible, up-to-date technology and the closest alignment to the needs of the high-tech industry. They also sought a platform approach to solving the process and application problems, rather than a best-of-breed approach.

Throughout their research, Teradyne quickly found out that the easy-to-use intuitive workspace with Active Workspace combines Teamcenter capabilities in end-to-end product lifecycle management with Office SharePoint Server capabilities in content management, collaboration, and social networking.

complex product development at Teradyne

When Siemens introduced Active Workspace to Teradyne, what that meant for us was an ability to be able to take PLM and all the good work we did from a process perspective and make it more available to people in an easier, digestible format.

William Duggan, Teradyne

We had a chance to sit down and talk with William Duggan, an Engineering Manager at Teradyne. Throughout the interview, he fills us in on how they simplified complex product development and even more specifically, how they decreased cycle times for engineering change orders reduced from 90 days to just 14 days, an extraordinary 84 percent reduction.

Watch this video to see for yourself why Teradyne chose Teamcenter to manage complex product development tasks, including cross-domain design data, and processes, along with materials and substance compliance.

One of the things that Teamcenter enables us to do is to take the core features and benefits of Teamcenter, whether it’s Change Management, Part Management, or Bill of Material Management, and take that across all divisions.

Bill Duggan, Teradyne

Visit our web site for more about the Teamcenter portfolio of PLM solutions, including the enterprise PLM user experience of Active Workspace.

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