PDM for SolidWorks at Briggs & Stratton Improves Accuracy

Briggs & Stratton leverages a PDM for SolidWorks

For designers at Briggs & Stratton using PDM for SolidWorks, the switch to Teamcenter was a real eye-opener! Without leaving their SolidWorks design environment, they use Teamcenter to access capabilities from product data management (PDM) to product lifecycle management (PLM).

“Teamcenter is a fairly advanced data management tool, much more advanced than anything that the SolidWorks users would be used to in the SolidWorks world,” … “It’s very easy to use because it’s embedded right within SolidWorks so they can get to it very easily … they can get the value of a full enterprise solution, but have it be within the environment they’re used to in SolidWorks.”

Brian Quincey, PLM Manager at Briggs & Stratton. 

To hear from Briggs & Stratton about their PDM solution for SolidWorks users, watch the video:

Learn more about the Teamcenter integration with SolidWorks by registering for our webinar, Unlock the Secrets to PDM for SolidWorks PDM and Improve Engineering Productivity by 25 Percent, or download the fact sheet.


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