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Service Plan to Service Execution – Right Job, Done Right, First Time

Service execution is successful when service events are complete, accurate, quick, and affordable which means based on service requirements in service plans linked to product and as-maintained configurations

Getting a Handle on Design Data Exchange and Supplier Program Management

Best-in-Class companies realize that it all starts with how they manage and store their design or CAD data, it must be centralized and managed holistically to provide optimal support for collaborative engineering processes

The Future of Change Management

Next generation PLM systems will support more efficient change processes by supporting the following

Service Planning or Service Documentation

The investigation determined that the cause was a degraded ability to manage the configuration and technical documentation for the fleet of assets being operated


Cost Structure Analysis | Siemens

Learn how MANN+HUMMEL found success with Siemens cost structure analysis by supporting global sourcing strategies.

Service Lifecycle Management with PLM

What I’ve noticed is more manufacturers look to maximize the revenue and profits through establishing or expand their service and support business

Product Architecture Breakdown Guides Product Engineering

The use of product architectures for managing product complexity is a practice that is growing across more and more industries

Supplier Integration: Are Your Suppliers Integrated with Your PLM Processes?

The pressure to get new products to market faster and at the lowest possible cost is driving companies to take whatever measures necessary to meet those demands

Executing Tasks with Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise project management is about more than just planning your projects