Metaphors, Idioms and Supplier Collaboration

By Kerri Doyle

While enduring a marathon homework session with my rockstar 4th grader (metaphor), I came across a ton of examples (metaphor) of metaphors and idioms that not only assist with school work, but also happen to work nicely when describing the benefits of Teamcenter supplier collaboration.  

direct materials sourcing.jpgFor instance, time is of the essence (idiom) helps to frame the importance of efficient communication and data exchange between manufacturers and their suppliers during the product lifecycle process, and we all know that time is money. Product lead times are getting shorter, and errors due to miscommunication, and incorrect or out of sync data between OEMs and suppliers can cause a firestorm of issues and delays, potentially costing manufacturers and suppliers an arm and a leg.A bitter pill to swallow. 

The $64,000 question is: how can you avoid these costly delays and streamline your supplier integration processes? Check out this video highlighting the benefits of the Teamcenter supplier collaboration solution to find your answer.

Teamcenter supplier collaboration provides a comprehensive approach to managing interactions with suppliers, even those suppliers outside of your Teamcenter. With a common framework to support direct materials sourcing, design data exchange, supplier program management and supplier declarations, you have the tools you need to stay in sync with your suppliers, meet time to market goals, and stay competitive. 

I think my 4th grader was finally able to see the light after hearing many good examples of metaphors and idioms.I hope this article and video paints a crystal clear picture for you around the benefits of Teamcenter supplier collaboration, and provides you with few keys to your success.

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