Make or Break – Why Accuracy is Crucial for Cost Engineering

By Emilia Maier

For a cost engineer every project presents a new challenge in finding the most cost-efficient way to deliver a product to the customer. Costs which need to be covered are hidden everywhere. The most difficult part is to get transparency on the unknown cost drivers. All costs must be identified otherwise you cannot deliver an accurate forecast to management for decision making. A well-trained cost engineer with the right software tool will be equipped to find them. By understanding all sources of cost, you will be able to minimize expenses, thereby maximizing the return on your investments.

The video shows you how Teamcenter Product Cost Management supports the cost engineering approach to drive cost down, through close collaboration of all relevant business functions. Accurate cost calculation and cost analysis with Teamcenter Product Cost Management help to achieve cost transparency in order to identify cost optimization potential, provide valuable input for design decisions or provide negotiation support to the procurement function.

German version available here.

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