Scary Good Manufacturing Process Planning with Easy Plan

By Kerri Doyle

No need for manufacturing process planning decisions to haunt you.

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With the right solutions in place, you can address product complexity, supply chain disruptions, and more with a robust digital twin of your production process.

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To keep pace with quickly changing requirements, and to improve production quality while keeping costs down, you must digitalize your product manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM) and the bill of process (BOP) properly – capturing “what to make” and “how to make it”.

Integrated Manufacturing

Teamcenter Manufacturing with Easy Plan provides you with a powerful solution to streamline collaboration between engineering, manufacturing, and production. It enables you to efficiently manage your manufacturing BOM, standardize and re-use assembly processes across multiple plants, author and deliver electronic work instructions for the shop floor, perform detailed time analysis, balance production lines, and much more.

We now have a manufacturing structure managed by a single system and fully integrated with product engineering, as a result 40% reduction in engineering time was achieved for the creation of work instruction sheets.

Luiz Romanel, CNH Industrial

Manage and Optimize With Easy Plan

Easy Plan delivers quality manufacturing process planning with a task-oriented and intuitive web user interface. With a single environment, built on top of best-in-class Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) software, you can capture manufacturing data from different systems supporting global production scenarios. It is well connected to engineering and execution so that the data and changes can flow seamlessly from one to the other. This helps reduce cost and time for new product introduction (NPI).

Screenshot of software Manufacturing Process Planning with Easy Plan
Manufacturing Process Planning with Easy Plan

Easy Plan capabilities include:

  • EBOM and MBOM accountability, reconciliation, and visualization
  • Configuration using variants and effectivity
  • Line balancing and operation time analysis
  • Cycle time and production rate estimation
  • Textual work instructions and visual aids with markups
  • Issue reporting and guided change management
  • Process planning and sequencing

Read the Easy Plan Fact Sheet to learn more.

Try Teamcenter Manufacturing with Easy Plan software for free

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