Time to Start Thinking About SEU14

gensessionSolid Edge University is coming up quickly, and it’s a couple of weeks earlier than last year. It will probably also be bigger than last year. Being in Atlanta should make it easier for people to get to. I know Atlanta is the one city I can get to without a layover.

So with all of this thought about SEU14 in Atlanta, what are you thinking about? How would you improve on last years event? SEU is all about community, and you are the community. If you didn’t go last year, what kind of thing would make you want to go? What kind of thing would make you really need to go?

Last year, I was hired two weeks before the event, so I wasn’t really able to participate in the way I’m going to be involved this year. Part of my participation this year will be collecting ideas from the community – you – right here.

We could have informal gatherings for people involved in certain things. Maybe a “tweetup” for the Twitter users out there? A bloggers-beer meeting for bloggers at the reception. A special table in the lunch room especially for people who own 3D printers. A breakfast meeting for those who want to learn more about simulation options. Maybe a hands on session for file management. Or maybe you’d like to request a breakout session on swoopy surfacing design.

Whatever it is that would draw you to this year’s event, this is the time and place to start asking for it. I can’t guarantee that we will deliver whatever you ask for, but I can guarantee that it will at least get considered. The more people who ask for the same stuff, obviously, the more likely it will be that we can make it happen.

Please leave a comment on what would make this event even more valuable to you.

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